Collectively for over 45 years we have participated in making positive changes for our community. In the early 1970’s we assisted in establishing the first bilingual pre-school, Centro Infantil and La Escuelita. We were part of the efforts to put into place the first mental health service (Centro De Salud Mental) to address latino clients. We struggled and insisted on a community police review board after the police killing of Barlow Benavidez in 1976. For 15 years we organized a “dia del barrio” which celebrated family and community.  In the 80’s we advocated for fair immigration laws and practices in the defense of undocumented workers. We always voiced our opposition to racist anti-affirmative action efforts. We did all this while always participating in the election and re-election campaigns of friendly candidates. What you see now is the fruit of over 45 years of community activists VOLUNTEERING our time for a better Oakland. We are, because Oakland is and Oakland is, because we are.

LTF participated in Oakland’s teacher’s strike
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