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Yet another attack on working people!

What is the real significance of the the SCOTUS Ruling on Janus vs AFSCME? How does this ruling affect our community. We can’t ignore the fact that Unions were illegal in this country before 1935. The vast majority of our community are workers: Farmworkers, Janitors, meatpackers, auto industry, construction workers, restuarant workers, hotel workers, etc. The rise of workers having a voice at work gave rise to the middle class; employers didn’t do it because they have a good heart. Workers through their unions gave them voice and power.

Since the 1970’s Union membership has decline, The Employers through the legal system have passed laws to weaken Unions. Employers don’t want workers to have a united voice at their job site and no political power. The public unions constantly are blame for the cities going bankrupt. Trade treaties are negotiated with no voice from the workers just Wall Street.

This ruling gives the conservative movement ammunition to suppress the right to vote, civil rights, housing, public education; weakening Unions destroys Democracy as we know it.

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