The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement arose because of the blatant killing of Blacks by police departments without any consequence. BLM organizers have provided a platform to highlight historic and systemic racist policies that police departments operate under. A toxic police culture supported by long persisting and unexamined policies, racial profiling and unrestrained use of force has concentrated its focus on Black, Brown and other people of color.

Raza participation and involvement has been steadfast in many demonstrations and rallies both now and in the past. We have a history of long standing solidarity with our Black brothers and sisters as well as progressive anti-war and social justice movements. We stood and supported the Black Panther Party, we stood and supported the Black Student Unions and we marched in support of the Civil Rights Movement!

This August 29th will mark the 50th anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium where over 20 thousand protested the Vietnam War and the disproportionate death of Chicano youth. The historic 1970 protest ALSO witnessed provocateurs and was met with state repression where journalist Ruben Salazar was murdered by local police/sheriffs and hundreds of protesters were brutalized.

Police Chiefs Medaria Arradondo of Minneapolis and Art Acevedo of Houston have taken a courageous and progressive posture in opposing and condemning police misconduct. This response will not be short-lived but will be backed up by an equally committed and bold outreach by Raza community leadership.

We are engaging in conversation with our abuelitas, parents, cousins, and neighbors. We are discussing and re-examining our own beliefs and practices in regard to prejudice, fear and bias amongst ourselves and the impact of racism. We will platicar (converse) about these issues and injustices and reveal that these are also our issues.

We will not allow the demand for justice to be lost and stolen by instigators and provocateurs whose objective is not social change or justice but an intentional distraction of the real issues.

We will say George Floyd’s name just like we have remembered every Black and Brown name who has been a victim of police terror and murder!

  • We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement
  • We demand a strong and independent Oakland Police Commission
  • We demand Oakland’s Mayor comply in action with her 8 Can’t Wait pledge
  • We call on the Oakland City Council to approve the United Ballot Measure proposed by the Polce Commission and the Coalition for Police Accountability! This is the time to strengthen, NOT weaken the Police Commission

In unity and continued struggle, Latino Task Force